Girls’ Lacrosse

(ages 5 – 8)

Emily Wilcox – Director

The Girls’ Lacrosse Program is designed exclusively for our littlest athletes. Our 6 or 8 week sessions are offered year ’round, and feature hands-on lacrosse instruction in a small group setting.  There is no stress and no pressure.

Lacrosse fundamentals include developing the key skills of the game, including cradling, scooping, shooting and some passing.  We focus on overall fitness and an introduction to team sports, with fun developmental team-based games included in every session.

Pockets (4 & 5 year-olds): 

This high-energy program introduces the game of lacrosse. Girls will learn how to cradle, scoop, throw, and catch through engaging games and activities.

Tykers (6 & 7-year-olds):

Tykers starts with the fundamentals of lacrosse (cradling, scooping, throwing, and catching) and gradually introduces defensive and offensive concepts. Players work on improving their stick handling and learn teamwork concepts through drills and games.

Lightning (8 & 9 year-olds):

Our Lightning program is for older players who want to learn the basics of lacrosse. We cover throwing, catching, scooping, and cradling and introduce dodging and defensive positioning. Players will get exposure to small-sided games and work on shooting.

Stick Skills (9 and up):

Stick Skills is a program focused on improving older players’ stick handling skills. Players will work in small groups and get one-on-one attention with coaches who have a significant amount of experience in lacrosse. Players will become more comfortable using both hands, pin-point their shooting skills, and improve the accuracy of their passes.

Our 8-week Program:

 Week One:       Cradling and Scooping

Week Two:        Catching and Throwing, Building accuracy both stationary and on the move

Week Three:   Dodging and Stick handling

Week Four:      Shooting, Playing Defense, Game Play

Week Five:       Putting it all together, Scooping, Dodging, Stick handling, Shooting, Defense, Game Play

Week Six:          Catching, Throwing and Accuracy, stationary and on the move

Week Seven:   4 v 4 scrimmage Each team has a coach on the field to instruct all players  

Week Eight:    4 v 4 scrimmage

Our girls’ lacrosse programs provide all equipment

Upcoming Sessions

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Frank and the Level 5 coaches were organized, efficient, and flexible. The training sessions were fun and challenging, making it enticing for the players to attend and reach higher to achieve both fitness and lacrosse goals. As a result of the teams working with Level 5 Speed & Agility, both individuals and teams were able to reach their fitness and lacrosse specific goals. The 8-week program was a success!

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