Speed & Agility

Frank DiLeonardi – Head Coach

The techniques and exercises Level 5 provide have been thoroughly researched for the athlete and sport being worked with. It is our responsibility to make sure results are seen by all parties involved. Also, many of the exercises have been used to produce some of the best professional athletes over the last few years are used by Level 5. There is a progression to all of the drills that will be followed in the exact order of the schedule that will be provided in advance, and will be sent to the client to ensure there are no additions needed by the club. The Speed and Agility training will include speed and technique drills, agility drills, balance and stability drills, plyometrics, and conditioning drills.

The importance of speed, agility, quickness and explosion are becoming more and more critical to athletes in every sport. If you have the ability to quickly and precisely move your body in an explosive manner in every direction, you will have a huge advantage over your competition.

Our goals when we planned to work with Frank were to enhance our speed, agility, power, and coordination.  Without a doubt he has helped take our team to another level.  Frank knows how to motivate the team in a fun and competitive way that makes them enjoy being there at 6am.  I would recommend Frank to anyone who is looking to take that next step in their training!

Ceri Miller

Head Coach, Goucher College Women's Lacrosse


Westminster, MD 21157

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